My 4 ½ Year-Old Daughter Just Got Denied at Our Local Friends School Here in NYC

New York City, Parenthood, Politics

My 4 ½ year old daughter just got denied at our local Friends school here in NYC (I’m actually a Quaker for god’s sake ) and I just called the Head of School.
She got 99/98 on her ERB’s- her Grandmother has been a fixture at Friends Meeting of D.C. for 40 years and my uncle Tom, who
recently died,  ran Friends Central in Philadelphia for 17 years and was so proud to have left an amazing donation to the school.
On our tour every father was wearing a $1000 suit (I was in jeans and a dress shirt- it’s a Quaker school) and the street outside was full of Range Rovers. I’m having nightmares of all the spoiled monsters at Potomac School in DC  (and the enabling spineless star-struck faculty) and thinking I’m glad our smart, nice, polite, empathetic, thoughtful, incredibly talented little girl didn’t get in to that school.


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