Bank of America Throws Ten Million Dollar Super Bowl Party

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T H I N K  P R O G R E S S


Just weeks ago, the federal government extended $20 billion to Bank of America to keep it afloat, bringing its total in federal bailout dollars received to $45 billion. ABC News reports, however, that the bank managed to scrounge up millions of dollars to be an NFL sponsor and for “a five day carnival-like” Super Bowl party just outside the stadium:

The event — known as the NFL Experience — was 850,000 square feet of sports games and interactive entertainment attractions for football fans and was blanketed in Bank of America logos and marketing calls to sign up for football-themed banking products. […]

The bank refused to tell ABC News how much it is spending as an NFL corporate sponsor, but insiders have put the figure at close to $10 million. The NFL Experience was on top of that and was inked last summer, according to the bank.

The NFL said it was a “multi-million dollar” event and that it was also spending money to put on the event. A Super Bowl insider said the tents alone cost over $800,000.

The Huffington Post notes that this is the latest in a series of bailed-out banks that continue to spend lavishly on sports sponsorships.

0 thoughts on “Bank of America Throws Ten Million Dollar Super Bowl Party

  1. This is ridiculous. I think every customer in that bank and any new prospects should take a hard look at what this bank is doing with our taxpayers money. They need to fail. Who cares. It’s time we the people take things into our hands the government sure can’d do anything.

  2. I just started closing all my accounts with Bank of America. Who do these people think they are? They borrow billions of dollars from us tax payers saying they are hurting but then go out and throw partys and start up grading their bank branchs. The bank branch next to my house just got four new ATMs and new signs. They are laying off American workers and importing people from around the world to come and work for them here in the US. Thats right they applied for 10,000 visas for overseas workers last month. I have been with the same bank for over 24 years even with all the name changes. The marriage just ended with the Superbowl Party being the last strew! ! ! By By Bank of the World. Maybe I could not vote to keep you from getting the billions that was handed to you, but I can vote with my hard earned cash that I will not be putting in your banks from here forward.

    P.S. – Maybe you guys can get the full message your customers are telling you here because you don’t let us tell you via your online e-mail system with the 10 text line max rule in place.

  3. This is outrgeous, Honestly looks like the governmant has no control over them. They shud stop bailing out these companies and let them go bankrupt. I had been denied Refinancing because i owe mor than the house value.
    This is the irony, Our money is being used to bail out these idiots and i can’t get the refinancing

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