Jul 4 2002

Americans are a good people and America is truly a great country. We are a tribe; like it or not. Los Angeles International Airport was the scene of a three-person murder this morning; the suspect and his two victims. Apparently fellow travellers stepped in to help stop the suspect before a security guard shot him dead. Twenty miles away in San Dimas California a small plane crashed into a picnic site at a local lake. Nearby Fourth Of July celebrants rushed over to help lift one of the plane’s s smoking wings and free a small child. Firefighters and ordinary people in Arizona and Colorado have been battling massive wildfires in thier backyard this week. Drink a cup of coffee and read the paper on this day that we celebrate America’s independence; there is another story about some shady business transactions from our top leader that are similar to the criminal acts of Enron and Arthur Andersen. The real story may be the lack of surprise by the American people to this newest revelation. Thirty years of American leaders lying cheating and stealing from the American public produced this heavy cynicism. Hundeds of thousands of people have lost their life savings and their jobs this year due to fraud from business leaders possibly helped by political leaders. Big business has always held a certain special place in American society. However, with the stock markets crashing, huge companies failing and the prospects that more will bust soon, confidence is low. Will this nation’s leaders show leadership, step in and step up to the corruption in business and politics pulling the country away from this fire? The citizens of Colorado, Arizona and California have all shown this week that they are ready to help. The rest of the tribe must speak up.


Jim Ladd

Jim Ladd is one of the all-time great heads…(as well as one of the legends of FM+Los Angeles radio) As many can surely remember, Jim has spun some wonderful twenty minute lead-in stories about the boys and their music before launching into a tune. Both Jerry and Brent’s deaths were illuminated celebrated and cleansed through this gentlemen’s oratory and song selection and I will always be grateful.

“….Oh These Folks Don’t Ever Sleep Till They’re Passed Out In the Street ”


Reno….?RENO? LET… IT…GO!

Reno??? LET IT GO! she’s gone and so is Clinton … You Win or, er ,ah ,not really win -you stole the argument… like Scalia and the treacherous 9 justices….

Again Iggles Let It Go! WhitewaterChinagate Travelgate HOW ABOUT A REAL SCANDAL….like ENRON!!! Bush is GOING DOWN and for legitimate shit no less…. GO AWAY and bring the smirking chimp with you

They still can’t get over it …and they investigated the poor guy for the entire 8 years… TRAITORS! You Republicans…

I’m sorry but Al Gore was one of the good guys on Capitol hill for the last 17 years as a servent to the people as congressman and senator whilst Monkeyboy was still doing lines with his frat buddies from Connecticut (where he’s from) and failing as an oilman….