Pat Tillman’s brother, Jessica Lynch and a surgeon from the Army hospital in Germany testified before Congress Tuesday about the assorted lies that the administration has been telling it’s citizens involving the war in Iraq. President Bush once again referred to 9/11 and warned that the Democrats could be emboldening the enemy by seeking a re-deployment strategy.


Furthermore, posits Giuliani, Democrats will put the country back on defense and will leave us prone to another attack.
Once again the Republicans who were on duty that fateful day are continuing to use those tragic events to further their political career. Tom Delay stated two days ago that Senate Leader Harry Reid was coming close to treason by stating the obvious: that America has lost the war. The Iraqis certainly know this; can’t we be honest?


Boeing helps CIA fly kidnapped suspects abroad for torture

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This is a good piece from Hentoff in this weeks VILLAGE VOICE

Nat Hentoff
Have a Nice Flight


Boeing helps CIA fly kidnapped suspects abroad for torture

On the Boeing 737 Business Jet, Khaled el-Masri said, “all the
people were in black clothes and black masks. They put earplugs in my
ears and a sack over my head.” After putting chains on his legs, they
led him onto the plane. “They threw me on the floor and injected me

with something. I blacked out.”

—From Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program,

Stephen Grey (St. Martin’s Press)

Last month, a judge in Milan, Italy, began a hearing on kidnapping
charges against 26 Americans, most of them CIA agents, that could lead
to the first trial anywhere on the CIA’s “extraordinary renditions.”
Scores of flights to torture chambers have been documented—along
with flight logs from European and American official aviation
sources—by human rights organizations and in Stephen Grey’s
extensively sourced book Ghost Plane.

The CIA agents in Italy left behind bountiful evidence of their
violations of Italian and international laws. But the U.S. will not
extradite them to Italy for doing their duty under special orders from
the president on September 17, 2001, orders that gave the agency
unprecedented latitude to engage in “clandestine intelligence activity”
in the war on terrorism.

This Bush “notification memorandum” is “Top Secret.” Vermont
senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is
striving mightily to get Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to provide
him with this further proof of how the administration has been
operating—as Dick Cheney advised right after 9-11—”on the
dark side.”

In any case, the CIA kidnappers under scrutiny in Italy, along
with rampantly lawless agents elsewhere, cannot be tried in the U.S. as
long as the Military Commissions Act of 2006 is in effect. The
president got the Republican-controlled Congress, in that legislation,
to give CIA lawbreakers a retroactive get-out-of-jail-free card for
their work on “the dark side.”

Meanwhile, although the CIA “renditions” are no longer secret—and Ghost Plane
writer Grey has recently been talking about them to members of
Congress—little has been revealed about the private American
airline companies that have been supplying the CIA with the planes to
transport the shackled, blindfolded, drugged passengers for
interrogation in foreign torture chambers.

But now The New Yorker‘s Jane Mayer—in her most
recent meticulously documented report on the execution of this
administration’s violations of our own War Crimes Act and the Geneva
Conventions—has revealed the complicity of the world’s largest
aerospace company, Boeing, in some of these CIA kidnappings.

Her investigation, “The CIA’s Travel Agent,” appeared in the October 30 New Yorker;
but oblivious to her disclosures, Boeing has been receiving a
celebratory press: “Boeing Takes Lead in Aircraft Orders: Company Tops
Airbus for the First Time Since 2000” (Washington Post, January 17) and “Why Boeing’s Flying High” (George Will’s widely syndicated column, in the January 18 New York Post).

Mayer found out that Boeing has a subsidiary—Jeppesen
International Trip Planning, based in San Jose, California—that
proclaims it “offers everything needed for efficient, hassle-free,
international flight operations . . . from Aachen to Zhengzhou.”

A number of American charter airlines—front companies
for the CIA—are involved in “renditions,” but, Mayer notes, the
Boeing subsidiary handles “many of the logistical and navigational
details—including flight plans, clearance to fly over other
countries, hotel reservations, and ground-crew arrangements.”

Consider the kidnapped Khaled el-Masri’s account of the CIA
flight attendants in black clothes and black masks who took him in a
Boeing 737 Business Jet to Afghanistan to be tortured. The flight plans
for el-Masri’s unforgettable trip were prepared, Mayer reports, by the
superbly reliable Boeing subsidiary, Jeppesen International Trip

She quotes a former Jeppesen employee about what Jeppesen’s
managing director, Bob Overby, said at an internal corporate meeting:
“We do all of the extraordinary renditions flights—you know, the
torture flights. Let’s face it, some of those flights end up that way .
. . It certainly pays well.”

Overby didn’t return any of Mayer’s phone calls. When I tried
to reach Overby in San Jose, I couldn’t even get put through to his
office. And Boeing headquarters in Chicago told me it was unaware of
that subsidiary. (This was after Mayer’s article appeared.)

With ACLU attorney Ben Wizner, Khaled el-Masri is trying to
sue the CIA—and Boeing may, in time, be included as a defendant.
Federal District Judge T.S. Ellis III would not even start a trial
because the government invoked the “state secrets” privilege. But as
Wizner said (The New York Times, November 29), the trial would
only confirm “what the entire world entirely knows” from reports in the
world press. (The case is on appeal.)

As I noted in a previous column, Judge Ellis did moisten his
decision dismissing the case in the lower court with crocodile tears,
saying el-Masri might have suffered a great injustice, but the judge’s
hands were tied by the Justice Department’s “state secrets” maneuver.

Not incidentally, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice—in
her previous post as National Security Adviser—had ordered Khalid
el-Masri released in May 2004. Sorry, she said, he had been mistakenly
identified as being connected to terrorism. (She did not say who
misfingered him.)

Khaled el-Masri, who hasn’t been able to get a job since his
release, is suing for damages, but primarily, he says, he’d like an
apology. He is as likely to get one from the CIA or Commander in Chief
Bush as he is from the world’s largest aerospace company.

When the CIA is Boeing’s client, does Jeppesen supply the
black masks too? On January 31, German prosecutors issued arrest
warrants for 13 CIA agents involved in the rendition of el-Masri.
Involved in the kidnapping, said the prosecutors, was a Boeing plane.

A Ken Krayeske History Lesson

From the always engaging:


A Ken Krayeske history lesson

you watch this video, remember one thing, that Ken Krayeske is a FREELANCE

1. Krayeske’s name was somehow placed on a secret list.

2. A flyer with his full description was distributed among the State and Hartford Police Department.

3.Krayekse was arrested, held on 75,000 BAIL, and was later released
(AFTER THE GOVERNOR’S BALL WAS OVER) on a promise to appear in court.

4. The police report contradicts several witnesses who saw the arrest as well as Krayeske’s time stamp ON HIS PHOTOGRAPHS.

5.I could go on and on and on…just watch the video and maybe you’ll
begin to get a better understanding about why Krayeske was singled out.

President Nominates Cheney's Son-in-Law


By John Mintz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, April 1, 2005; Page A25

President Bush has
nominated Vice President Cheney’s son-in-law, a prominent Washington
lawyer who represents companies in the homeland security field, to be
the general counsel of the Department of Homeland Security.

President Nominates Cheney’s Son-in-Law (washingtonpost.com)



As Howard Dean’s behavior in the past days has become more
and more curious, it has also become more and more outlandish.
Dean continues to lash out at John Kerry as one who is hostage
to “the special interests” and even went so far as to
call him a Republican, no less. Dean’s proclivity for becoming
unhinged continues apace. Hardly a day passes without Dean providing
further proof that he is not fit to be the President of the United
States, let alone a primary election candidate.

It is a shame Dean doesn’t get it. He is finished, and as
Laurence O’Donnell of MSNBC so aptly put it on Dennis
Miller Live, Dean was already finished before his post Iowa
tirade. Laurence also astutely pointed out how embarrassing it
was for Al Gore and Bill Bradley to get suckered in to endorsing
Dr. Dean. As we suggested earlier on this site Dean probably peaked
on the day Gore endorsed him. From then on it was all down hill.

From: Analyze-Media.com/Television.html

Why truth matters

 Nicholas Kristof: Why truth matters – May. 6, 2003

By Nicholas D. Kristof Op-Ed Columnist, New York Times

 When I raised the Mystery of the Missing W.M.D. recently, hawks fired barrages of reproachful e-mail at me. The gist was: “You *&#! Who cares if we never find weapons of mass destruction, because we’ve liberated the Iraqi people from a murderous tyrant.”

But it does matter, enormously, for American credibility. After all, as Ari Fleischer said on April 10 about W.M.D.: “That is what this war was about.” I rejoice in the newfound freedoms in Iraq. But there are indications that the U.S. government souped up intelligence, leaned on spooks to change their conclusions and concealed contrary information to deceive people at home and around the world. Let’s fervently hope that tomorrow we find an Iraqi superdome filled with 500 tons of mustard gas and nerve gas, 25,000 liters of anthrax, 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin, 29,984 prohibited munitions capable of delivering chemical agents, several dozen Scud missiles, gas centrifuges to enrich uranium, 18 mobile biological warfare factories, long-range unmanned aerial vehicles to dispense anthrax, and proof of close ties with Al Qaeda.

Those are the things that President Bush or his aides suggested Iraq might have, and I don’t want to believe that top administration officials tried to win support for the war with a campaign of wholesale deceit. Consider the now-disproved claims by President Bush and Colin Powell that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger so it could build nuclear weapons. As Seymour Hersh noted in The New Yorker, the claims were based on documents that had been forged so amateurishly that they should never have been taken seriously. I’m told by a person involved in the Niger caper that more than a year ago the vice president’s office asked for an investigation of the uranium deal, so a former U.S. ambassador to Africa was dispatched to Niger. In February 2002, according to someone present at the meetings, that envoy reported to the C.I.A. and State Department that the information was unequivocally wrong and that the documents had been forged.

The envoy reported, for example, that a Niger minister whose signature was on one of the documents had in fact been out of office for more than a decade. In addition, the Niger mining program was structured so that the uranium diversion had been impossible. The envoy’s debunking of the forgery was passed around the administration and seemed to be accepted — except that President Bush and the State Department kept citing it anyway. “It’s disingenuous for the State Department people to say they were bamboozled because they knew about this for a year,” one insider said.

Another example is the abuse of intelligence from Hussein Kamel, a son-in-law of Saddam Hussein and head of Iraq’s biological weapons program until his defection in 1995. Top British and American officials kept citing information from Mr. Kamel as evidence of a huge secret Iraqi program, even though Mr. Kamel had actually emphasized that Iraq had mostly given up its W.M.D. program in the early 1990’s. Glen Rangwala, a British Iraq expert, says the transcript of Mr. Kamel’s debriefing was leaked because insiders resented the way politicians were misleading the public.

Patrick Lang, a former head of Middle Eastern affairs in the Defense Intelligence Agency, says that he hears from those still in the intelligence world that when experts wrote reports that were skeptical about Iraq’s W.M.D., “they were encouraged to think it over again.” “In this administration, the pressure to get product `right’ is coming out of O.S.D. [the Office of the Secretary of Defense],” Mr. Lang said.

He added that intelligence experts had cautioned that Iraqis would not necessarily line up to cheer U.S. troops and that the Shiite clergy could be a problem.

“The guys who tried to tell them that came to understand that this advice was not welcome,” he said.

“The intelligence that our officials was given regarding W.M.D. was either defective or manipulated,” Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico noted. Another senator is even more blunt and, sadly, exactly right: “Intelligence was manipulated.” The C.I.A. was terribly damaged when William Casey, its director in the Reagan era, manipulated intelligence to exaggerate the Soviet threat in Central America to whip up support for Ronald Reagan’s policies. Now something is again rotten in the state of Spookdom.

New York Times.