Bill Maher and T. Boone Pickens | March 6, 2009

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0 thoughts on “Bill Maher and T. Boone Pickens | March 6, 2009

  1. My heroes on the same stage!! “Boonie” was
    magnificent. Bill was Bill and the interview was
    amazing. Thanks Bill for having one of America’s true heroes on your show. And thank you Mr.
    Pickens, for being there to continue to ‘push the plan’.

    Shari Greer
    Member Pickens Army
    Houston Texas

  2. Wish you would have let him talk about what he’s trying to do for America instead of questioning him about the past, which, at this point, is completely irrelevant and partisan and can do nothing but hurt our ability to look to the future.

  3. Boone supported McCain because Boone had a couple of tons of shit on McCain and knew he could twist his arm the ‘Good Old Boy’ way and would get his Plan SHOVED through if McCain got in.

    And let’s remember, Boone DID NOT campaign or publicly endorse EITHER candidate. He remained Bi-Partisan and Non-Partisan which is the only reason I have any respect for Boone.

    Boone is old, he’s wise and most of all, Boone has a plan.

    Now that President Obama is in, Boone has changed, he must, it’s a game he’s never played before so what can he do but simply play the cards he’s been dealt. Boone is certainly sitting on his.

  4. Yes, I thought the same thing Hannah! Why not let Mr. Pickens speak about his plan and stop rehashing the past.

    That type of thinking is not going to get us anywhere. Give it up already!

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