Live Blogging the Madoff Hearing: The Victims Speak

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Live Blogging the Madoff Hearing: The Victims Speak

Posted by Brian Baxter


The first Madoff victim–a Mr. Nuremberg–has approached the court to speak. He begins by challenging Madoff to look him in the eye. Madoff started to turn towards Nuremberg before Judge Chin ordered Nuremberg to return to the podium.

Nuremberg did as instructed and stated that a conspiracy count should be included in the plea. He said other individuals were undoubtedly involved in pulling together “the reams of data” that Madoff used to

build his fraudulent business.

Nuremberg urged Chin to reject the plea. Another victim has approached the podium and urged more of the same.

A third victim, who the audio dipped out on and we couldn’t get her name, says that Chin should push for a trial for Madoff that will show the true extent of his crimes and others allegedly involved

“We are a country that learns from our mistakes,” she said. “And then we can reexamine and improve the mechanisms that have failed us so completely here…with this horrendous crime. Mr. Madoff has

inflicted so much pain on the young, the old, and the infirm. No man is above the law.”

At this point, Chin says there will be no more statements from victims.

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