What Exactly is the Problem Over at EBAY?

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Fixing eBay

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The answer to fixing eBay is easy: fire John Donahoe and get somebody in there who understands what eBay founder Pierre Omidyar understand in the 1990s – EBAY IS A COMMUNITY AND 90% OF ITS USERS ARE HONEST.

EBay has made it impossible for members to be part of a community by its rigging of the contact system. Meg Whitman and John Donahoe’s Ebay had this fear of losing money if it let sellers and buyers actually communicate with each other easily. And don’t tell me Big Brother eBay doesn’t monitor what emails it allows.

The company has raised selling fees to the point of insanity. It has zero telephone support. It’s support emails are worthless and are written by robots. Nobody can get an honest answer and, sorry Mr. Donahoe, but SKYPE was one of the stupidest endeavors ever. 100% of eBay users already had phone service of some kind or another. Who the heck wants to switch to an Internet provider when there’s always a good chance your Internet connection is going to conk out? Does anybody really want Skype to replace their cell phone? Why does anybody need two phone service providers?

The new rule wherein Sellers can’t leave negatives for Buyers is as dumb as dumb gets, which makes Mr. Donahoe a very stupid man. He’s a total failure as a chief executive. He’s wimpy and wishy washy and clueless. He’s also idealess, unless it’s a bad idea.

The other new rule wherein PayPal is the only thing that can be mentioned as payment is another dumb idea. The raise in fees, the no-negatives-to-Buyers dictate, and the PayPal only declaration has done what nothing else could. IT SENT SELLERS AWAY FROM EBAY IN DROVES.

The company knows it. It knows sales are down. It knows why. No one at eBay has the guts or the backbone to admit the truth.

Donahoe has failed the company. It has made eBay a nasty, suspicious, demeaning place on which to do business – at least for Sellers – and, what? It wants to blame the economy for its problems? Baloney.

EBay dug its own hole by the way it treated Sellers and now it’s paying the price. Almost everyone who posted on eBay’s chat rooms and boards the past two years predicted that eBay would eventually kill its Golden Goose. Well, it has.

To succeed, eBay needs to go back to basics. GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING. It needs to poll EVERY SINGLE SELLER and ask what’s wrong. EBay has the email capacity for that. But, I think they’re terrified of the negative response it will receive.

Once again, the technocrats destroyed a good websites. Techies who think they know better. Techies who think that because they can think it up, it’s going to work and help. Once again, these techies learned the hard truth. You can’t cock up a site with tech features and expect people to be happy or to keep caring. Everything became too complex. SIMPLICITY SHOUTS.

And when you’re nasty to the people that made you rich, the people that made you rich will tell you to kiss-off.

I used to sell thousands upon thousands of dollars of product each year on eBay. I don’t sell there anymore, and I hardly bother to buy. EBay doesn’t even advertise anymore. It’s a wounded company, limping towards irrelevance because of what it did to its Sellers.

I now pay $40 a month to a local antique mall for a showcase in which I put my items to sell. I do very well. I no longer need, want, or care about eBay. You know why? Because eBay hurt my feelings. It made my feel unwanted. That’s why.

0 thoughts on “What Exactly is the Problem Over at EBAY?

  1. 3-5-2010 Excellent rant! I have tried effortlessly to contact Ebay, and their defense is too strong! Snailmail is the only recourse, unless I hire a lawyer! Sadly, my conflict is with a seller, but Ebay does not care to learn the facts!

  2. OK eBay. I’m done. I’ve been trying to get you to fix a problem in my account that you have stopped me in every way. Your staff have hung up on me four times: two chats and two phone calls. I spent two (2) hours on the phone today and got hung up on twice and routed to PayPal instead.

    As you rate your members, I will rate you: 1/4 tarnished gray Moon, no star.
    You may own PayPal but you have failed to learn how they value their clients. You seem to not value your clients. They fixed the issue in one call.

    I told your incompetent staff several times that my fix for the problem will be successful but I required eBay to fix it instead in an effort to preserve my history with you. That does not seem to be within your capabilities. How sad.

    So, to provide the solution to your inability of deleting an eBay USD account that you refuse to, I will be ending my ten (10) year, 100% rated relationship with you.

    Remember the Internet? Think this despicable, atrocious and most rude level of Customer Service won’t go unnoticed? Think again.

    Hello FaceBook, YouTube, Google?

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