Dylan Ratigan is Out at CNBC's Fast Money

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March 30, 2009

Guy Adami just said : “Wait, Wait, Let’s Officially welcome Melissa to the center chair…” (unofficial transcript)

drMedia outlets have been reporting for the past few days that Dylan Ratigan’s March 31 contract would not be renewed.

As Broadcatching mentioned earlier , we met Mr. Ratigan last fall outside NASDAQ HQ and he was a swell chap.

He was cruising for a bruising talking all that truth and ABC is going to give him a fat payday.

Uh oh….

0 thoughts on “Dylan Ratigan is Out at CNBC's Fast Money

  1. The truth about Naked short selling comes out on DVD June 10 in Stock Shock: The Movie (stockshockmovie.com)

    We’d love you to cover it!

    “Shocking and Eye-Opening!”

    Jane Velez-Mitchell at ISSUES on CNN Headline News

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