Michael Ledeen Gets Scammed By The Right-Wing Nutjobs and Their Fake Obama Columbia Thesis

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By John Tully
October 26, 2009
The New York Herald Sun

If you were to wearily search The Goog this morning and entered “Michael Leeden thesis” after hearing that Rush, Joe Klein and the War-Crimes Apologists and Wife-Beaters  at PJ’s Media were touting some Obama Columbia Thesis exerpts uncovered by some intrepid truth-seeker.

Dochenozzle IncorporatedIt turns out that, because of the obscure Brain Disease that affects the Right-Wing Torture-Apologists, they didn’t seem to figure out that they were reading, yes, SATIRE


The NY Daily News has apparently never heard of one of the Right Wing’s Nuttiest Neocon Nutbags Michael Ledeen: ( Spelled Leeden)


Media Matters, that left-wing commie homo site – has all the pathetic details….


C’mon man…..

0 thoughts on “Michael Ledeen Gets Scammed By The Right-Wing Nutjobs and Their Fake Obama Columbia Thesis

  1. If Obama would just release his college records along with his birth certificate, this would never have been able to even happen.
    Obama spends a million bucks to hire attorneys to hide all his records including his real birth certificate and college records! Everyone is asking why he does that:

    Obama the secret man disguised as everything that he is NOT;
    Obamacare the ultimate power-grab by government, is disguised as ‘healthcare reform’! See for yourself the horror that is obamacare:

    ‘3-D Halloween Obamacare Horror Show’ at

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