Florida Senate: The 27-Second Handshake

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FL-Sen: The 27-second handshake

by Markos Moulitsas

Fri Jan 29, 2010 at 11:20:09 AM PST

Poor Charlie Crist. His popularity as Florida government may be largely intact, but he’s headed for a massive defeat in the Republican Senate primary. And not massive as in “cash-flush governor gets defeated by little-known cash-strapped upstart”, but massive as in “double-digit blowout”.

Among the ammunition being used against him is this picture, from when Crist endorsed Obama’s stimulus package early last year:

Crist was in a tough spot — ignore the president’s visit, and be accused of political cowardice. The president is visiting bearing several billion in stimulus funds that Crist requested. Greet the president, and fuel the Rubio insurgency.

Of course, making it a 27-second handshake makes it that much more delicious for Crist’s right-wing tormentors. What, did Obama grab him in a vice-like grip and refuse to let go? It would be hilarious if he did.

There is a way for Crist to avoid all this heartache, of course. Switch parties. He’s dead as a Republican. Florida is too expensive for a serious independent run. Become a Democrat, and he has a fighting chance of ever serving in the Senate.

Race tracker wiki: FL-Sen

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