TRANSCRIPT:: Dylan Ratigan is Mad as Hell and He's Not Going To Take It Anymore


TRANSCRIPT: Monday July 12, 2010

Good monday afternoon to you. america today, we need jobs more than anything else. for the millions of americans already out of work, a bad situation continues to get worse. two million people have seen their unemployment benefits dry up as a result of a five-week impasse in washington.

That bill comes up for another vote this week, but that’s little comfort to all the people who have gone more than a month without any income. and those going through that are the poorest and the weakest in our country. meanwhile, 700,000 census workers about to join the unemployed when they’re no longer needed by the end of the summer. guess where there are jobs, wall street. the financial sector that led us into the worst recession since the great depression is hiring again.

They were the least affected industry through the entire final crisis. at the same time manufacturing jobs down 14%, construction down more than one-fifth, a whopping 22%. at what point will the american media, the american politicians and ultimately the american people get out of the denial of why there are no jobs in the country. connect the dots.

Ii know if you’re watching the show you probably have. but you have to wonder why our politicians and the rest of the media hasn’t. wall street which is there under our decision, designed by our government, providing capitol in the development of the future of our country has been converted by bill clinton, george bush and all the rest of them into a giant sucking machine taking the money ou using it as a wild taxpayer backed credit casino. think of it like sucking the oxygen out of the room and wondering why nobody can breathe.

Oh, it’s your fault. bologna. the system is design to harvest your tax money for extraction of wealth. there’s to insent icentive to invest in anything that would create a job for anybody other than cleaning jamie diamond’s pool. perhaps you could be in charge of cleaning lloyd blankfein’s toenails. we can do better than that has a country if we end the corruption in our government. how do we get back to creating real jobs in the country, and what do we do about the millions of unfortunate out of work in the meantime?

Joining us is a ranking member of the joint economic committee. he recently voted against extending jobless benefits for the unemployed but in ’08 voted for the t.a.r.p. bail out of the big banks on wall street. do you think the political structure in this country makes the connection that’s obvious to somebody like me, congressman? that we’ve empowered this extraction and then we’re like, oh, there’s no jobs. people like yourself, not you explicitly, but people with your type of job as a vehicle to take money out.

>> well, actually, the only sector that has grown is the federal government.

>> that’s not my point. i get that.

>> but it is my point.

>> all right. health care is the only industry that’s grown. the federal government is the only one that has added a job. one reason unemployment benefits struggled in congress is not because we don’t want to help folks having trouble finding a job. they do. they don’t want to add to the debt, which is one reason consumers are holding onto their cash. businesses aren’t making the investment decision. everyone wants to get their jobs create, we just think you ought to pay for the bills.

>> what about taxing the stolen money. let’s say 50% or 100% because that’s stolen money from the american people to this day, most recent quarter, piles of money coming through. they’re stealing it. why don’t we tax the stolen money to create jobs and investment in the country? i know you have an issue with the government. i have an issue with a private industry using the government to rape my country of its money. and i would like to try to put a stop to that.

>> i haven’t figured out how you tax yourself to prosperity.

>> how do you — how do you allow people to steal money — how do you steal your way to prosperity? how do you steal your way to prosperity?

>> — income and capital and dividend, all those tax proposal proposals are keeping our economy from gaining steam.

>> that’s a lie. it’s stealing america’s money. that’s the entire basis of our system and the government has converted it — a vehicle to steal money for rich friends.

>> i talk to consumer who is are frightened about the debt and deficit. i talk to businesses who want to rehire. they have cash. they want the economy to get better.

>> why would i rehire — i make a good living as a cable tv host. i can give my money to guys at goldman sachs who use it for investment —

>> i tell you — i may not know wall street very well, but i do know the gulf coast. you’re looking at tens of thousands of more people joining the line.

>> i got it. so basically your plan was to come on my show, indict the federal government. congratulations. talking point number one. come on my show —

>> no actually —

>> can i finish. i can finish. i know it’s called the “the dylan ratigan show.” i know i’m trying to ask you questions. is there any way i can finish?

>> yes, you can.

>> you indicted the federal government and dodged my question about wall street. it’s obvious to anyone who understands financial structure that as long as the government empowers the banking system to suck money like a vampire u, oxygen out of the room of every business in the country, that as long as the trading activity is 70% generated where the holding period is seconds at a time, we have a corrupt system of capitalism empowered by politicians like you —

>> dylan —

>> tell me where i’m wrong.

>> can i ask you to repeat the question.

>> no, i didn’t ask a question. do you intend to answer any of my questions.

>> i do. let’s focus on jobs.

>> okay, so let’s focus on jobs. do you believe it’s possible to create jobs if one group of people is stealing all the money?

>> i know it is impossible to tax yourself into new jobs.

>> that’s not my question. are you going to answer any of my questions. are you going to answer any of my questions?

>> i’m certainly trying, dylan.

>> if one group of people take over the country and are stealing money, how do you create investments for jobs.

>> i don’t think you could demonize the liberals like that.

>> you’re just doing weird republican talking points. i’m done with you. i wish you luck.

>> i’m really here to talk about jobs.

>> i don’t think you are. but you are doing a good job of spouting republican — i’m sure somebody in the republican party will give you a pat on the back. congratulations and thank you for nothing.

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