Breitbart Writer Kevin Pezzi's MySpace Harem

Andrew Breitbart, Right Wing Dirty Tricks


August 05, 2010 2:31 pm ET

Simon Maloy

If you haven’t yet become acquainted with Kevin Pezzi, the racist doctor/sex “expert”/robot chef builder who now writes for Andrew Breitbart’s, you’d be well served to click over to Media Mattersprofile and explore the many bizarre and disturbing facets of Pezzi’s background. The man is quite clearly a huckster, and basically everything he does is aimed at selling copies of his e-books, which deal largely with sex. To that end, he’s apparently created at least six fake MySpace profiles of women — most of them featuring badly photoshopped stock images of models with large breasts — claiming to be enthralled with Dr. Pezzi and his sex books.

Let’s run them down in alphabetical order:

Annie“: Claiming to be from New York, “Annie” devotes most of her bio to gushing about “‘Love & Lust in the ER’ by ER doc Kevin Pezzi.” She encourages people to visit Pezzi’s website and download the book: “If you don’t read it, I’ll assume that you are lazy or don’t like such stories — bad news for you, because I’m a nurse.”

If “Annie’s” face seems a little… off, that’s because it’s been crudely photoshopped onto a stock image of a model:

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