Taxicab Plows Into Bicycle and Pedestrians in New York City's East Village


Busy Saturday Night on First Avenue Turns Into a Nightmare; At Least Four Hurt

By John Tully

The New York Herald Sun

September 5, 2010 3:30 am

A possibly fatal accident involving a taxi, pedestrians and at least one bicyclist happened early this morning at the intersection of First Avenue and Third St. in New York City’s busy East Village.

According to one witness, a woman riding a bicycle was struck by the SUV-type taxicab, which ended up crashing through the window of The Bean coffee shop on that corner.

The victim was apparently trapped for some time under the vehicle and is now in critical condition at the hospital.



Jeremy Tanner with WPIX Channel 11 in New York is reporting that one victim, identity unknown has now been pronounced dead. Four others including the driver of the Taxi and his passenger are at Bellevue hospital.


The victim of the Taxi crash who was in the worst condition is now recovering from a broken neck and leg.

He did survive and the other 4 people involved in the incident are  also recovering from their assorted injuries.

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