Reason? Reason? Let Me Guess-You Sorta' Dig Greg Gutfeld and Red Eye TV and Think He's Sometimes Funny

Broadcatching, Libertarianism

“FOX News sucks, MSNBC sucks. Reason offers the best news coverage”

There you have it folks: The comment above by @pharmmajor from the Huffington Post represents EXACTLY what the problem is.
Reason? Reason Magazine?

Let me guess-you dig Greg Gutfeld and Red Eye TV and think he’s sometimes funny.
Where are you so I can punch you in the nose?
Reason? What a bunch of toe-sucking douchenozzles of the first order.
Libertarians are Dems who think they listen to cooler music.
I’m not saying “pick a side”  because god forbid, that would be like, so not cool- so I’ll say this- just stay out of the way and invent something that will help the planet. Blog about the IPAD or something..
Politics is who picks up your shitty garbage and educates your 5 yr. old and paves your street. So, either get on one of the buses or keep your small thoughts outta here…


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