On The Death of Bin Laden

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On The Death of Bin Laden
by John Tully

Now I lay me down to sleep while people cheer in the streets like creeps

Of course I love and respect our troops but wonder why they get treated like poop

Having to buy body armor-on their fifth deployment, while people fetishize them- a video game for their enjoyment

All those dead Americans-Iraqis and Afghans too, will the War on Terror ever be through

Ten years gone by-trillions of dollars spent, while ordinary Americans can’t even pay their rent

All this vengeance and all this hate, what have we accomplished, what is our fate?

Don’t feel any safer, we worry more than ever, while the politicians posture and try to be clever

The rest of the World wonders just what to say and thinks to themselves how our country lost it’s way

But I’m a true Patriot and so I ask questions, our Founders would demand this, that we learn our lessons


2 thoughts on “On The Death of Bin Laden

  1. What a pathetic whining pompous ass you are! You are all that is wrong with the internet! Losers such as yourself, have finally found a way to share your pathetic views, and the world has become a sadder and scarier place because of it! Terrorism by these Muslim extremists and their cohorts has been going on for decades, and has to be addressed! You think the world isn’t a safer or better place, not that we are fighting back, and have finally put to rest one of their top instigators? You must really be a moron, if you think that the U.S. finally taking a stand against these radicals has made the situation worse. I guess we should have never went to war with Japan, after Pearl Harbor? I guess we should have never stopped Hitler and his allies, from spreading their hatred and darkness throughout the world? You seem to be a selfish isolationist that could give a crap less about the world outside your own pathetic situation. Why don’t you shut the hell up, and climb back under the disgusting rock you out from under!

  2. Dear David,
    Where did you get the idea, from my poem, that we shouldn’t fight back against our attackers?
    And in that vein, Go Fuck Yourself! (asshole)

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