The Shimmering Set Design Behind CNN's Newest Star


Linda Tischler

We speak with Jim Fenhagen, who has also created sets for The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, and ABC World News.

The shimmering blue and green wall of the set behind Howard Stern‘s mop of unruly curls was so mesmerizing I nearly lost the thread of his discussion, yet again, about the size of his penis. (“Hung like a raisin”)

Yes, folks, it’s kick-off week for Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN’s replacement for Larry King Live and the high-profile guests just keep coming: Oprah, Howard Stern, Condoleeza Rice. So, along with casting aside the aging broadcaster and his suspenders, the top dogs at CNN decreed a set remodeling for their new golden boy, and called in the King of All Set Design: Jim Fenhagen of brand experience agency Jack Morton.

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