David Arquette On Howard Stern

David Arquette, Mainstream Media Hypocrisy


What do I know about Courteney Cox?

She started off as Ian Copeland’s secretary and love interest.  And then she was featured in a Bruce Springsteen video back when we were innocent and didn’t realize she wasn’t a fresh young thing plucked from obscurity, but an actress.  Then she was on “Friends” and became rich and famous.

And I don’t care.  You see I’ve been around long enough to know that actors are playing a role.  In other words, they’re not the people you see on screen.  Furthermore, if you’re not self-centered, if you’re not narcissistic, you can’t make it as an actor.  So those of us in contact with these people don’t see them as objects of affection, but two dimensional icons to observe and pass by like billboards.

Did I care that Courteney and David Arquette were breaking up?  Someone had an affair…who cares?

Then I turn on Howard Stern and Mr. Arquette is testifying.

Have you ever been left?  I know it’s hard to leave, but it’s nothing like being left.  It’s like you’re playing third base and the pitcher picks up the ball and goes home.  Like you’re the quarterback, waiting for a hike, but there’s no ball.  You’re ready to give it your all, you’re still in the game, but there is no game.

And then you start to reel.  You love ‘em.  You hate ‘em.  But you’re ready to love ‘em again if they love you.  But they don’t.  That’s the secret of being left.  The person doing the leaving checked out long ago, you’re the last to know, literally, they’ve discussed it with all their friends, even have a plan in order, by time you find out it’s a fait accompli, and it’s devastating.