Phish Cover Little Feat's Waiting For Columbus For Halloween 2010 in Atlantic City

Halloween, Phish


Well, Phish fans, we were all wrong.

At least the five dozen of us who ventured guesses about which musical “mask” the Vermont jam band would don for Halloween, in response to guitarist Trey Anastasio’s recent comments to Pop & Hiss about what this year’s choice might be.

Turns out, for those who don’t know already, it was Little Feat’s “Waiting for Columbus,” the  L.A.-based, Southern-rooted group’s 1978 double live album.

Pop & Hiss readers who weighed in leaned heavily toward something from Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa or Jimi Hendrix, after Anastasio told me a few weeks ago, without revealing the title, that “this year, this one’s for me.”

“The one we picked, I’m going to get more out of this as a musician than I ever have before,” he said. “Three songs into it, I called everybody and told them, ‘None of the other ones — I wouldn’t think, hopefully — will have nearly the effect on my playing this one’s going to.’ ”